Monday, April 18, 2011

Why to Hire PSD to Joomla Developers?

When it comes to developing a website, the role and importance of PSD to HTML conversion can’t be denied. This conversion is necessary to enable a website to be launched in a browser. This means that without converting PSD to HTML, a website is incomplete and can’t be launched in a web browser. This conversion also adds the functionality in a website and enhances its features. However, with time many new technologies have evolved. One such technology is Joomla.

Joomla is a powerful CMS which helps to develop a highly flexible and customized website. This is the reason why most of the website owners are going for PSD to Joomla conversion. PSD to Joomla is a very complex and tedious conversion and requires a lot of skills and proper knowledge of the technology. In order to convert PSD to Joomla efficiently, it is important to have the required expertise. That is why it is always better to hire professional Joomla developers.

In today's hyper competitive market, it is imperative to have the best website to stay ahead in the competition. It is important to have a powerful, flexible and highly dynamic website. This is exactly what professional Joomla developers can provide you. Joomla developers have all the required skills to efficiently and effectively convert PSD to Joomla. It requires immense skills and expertise to develop a good Joomla based website.

A website requires proper design and essential features to stand out from the crowd. It should be attractive, professional, user friendly and dynamic. It requires immense efforts, good technology and good acumen in order to incorporate all these features in a website. All these skills are only possessed by professional Joomla developers.

Most of the times, people hire novices in order to save money. But what they do not realize is that it can backfire and can have a damaging effect on the website. Even a small error can prove to be fatal. Hiring inexperienced developers would tantamount to jeopardizing your site's future and its success. Nothing can replace what a professional and experienced Joomla designer can provide you with. Therefore, always hire an experienced developer.

These days, there is no dearth of companies providing Joomla development services. However, not everyone provides quality services. It is important to hire a credible and quality service provider. You should always check the portfolio of the company. Always ensure that the service provider makes use of good technology to carry out the conversion. You can check the customers' reviews and testimonials to get an idea about the credibility of the service provider.

It is important to realize that website development pays well only when the site is developed as per the standards. Professional PSD to CSS/Joomla developers provide the much required features like cross browser compatibility, W3C validation, semantic code, pixel perfect markup etc. All these are really important for the proper functionality of a website. These features ensure that the site works smoothly without any glitches. Hire only professional PSD to XHTML/Joomla developers to get the best results.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why it is Important to Convert PSD to CSS?

CSS, abbreviated as cascading style sheet, is basically used to enhance the presentation of an HTML/XHTML document. CSS files are named as cascading style sheet because the style sheet can cascade over multiple pages. The supreme goal of using CSS is to provide the presentation attribute to the content elements of the web document. In other words, CSS decides the presentation of HTML tags on the website. This is an indispensable part of a website development process without which a website is almost of no use. CSS associates with HTML codes, taking care of all the layouts, font colors and the entire look of your website. 
For a new entrant in the web development world, it is imperative to understand PSD to HTMLconversion. Then only, it would be easy to comprehend the significance of PSD to CSS conversion. Primarily, web pages are designed by the web designer in which he/she creates potential layout of all web pages on Photoshop document or PSD file. Now, the PSD design has to be converted to HTML/XHTML so that the web page can be accessed on World Wide Web. 

Now if we talk about the effective and dynamic presentation of the PSD design on the World Wide Web, the concept of CSS comes into the picture. It is a well structured as well as an elegant language. Eventually, we can conclude that PSD design is mainly converted to CSS for giving a spectacular presentation to the website on the World Wide Web. 

PSD to XHTML/HTML allows content, images and objects to be embedded in the web page. CSS is also used in HTML coding to describe the look and style of the content and images. It would not be an erroneous statement if we say “You need to convert PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS for creating a well defined and incredibly presented web page”. PSD to CSS also decides the accessibility of your web page in almost all the major browsers. However, the web browsers actually make use of HTML tags to understand and interpret the content. Now you may ask that what role CSS plays here. Well, before PSD to CSS conversion, the entire document has to be written in HTML language, and then the CSS would be embedded on it. And finally we get a website with well structured layout, effective content and eye catching presentation.

Now, for converting PSD design files to CSS, lots of mediums are available for the conversion, such as software conversion, manual conversion, outsourcing, etc. The big question regarding this is about the best conversion option among all. Well, the solution of this confusion is basically based on your budget and the strategy made by you. If you are investing a limited budget, then software conversion would be better option for you. If you are ready to employ heavy budget on your project, then the task must be covered by professional web designers and developers. 

At last but not the least, converting PSD to CSS is a crucial step of the website development process, so you need to be very conscious on every aspect of PSD to CSS conversion, and prior to that the main thing you need to consider is PSD to HTML conversion.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PSD to HTML Conversion: Building Block of a Website

Web development is a complex process which involves a number of steps. PSD to HTML/XHTML conversion is one of the processes involved in the development of a website. It is a mandatory and a very crucial process. The functionality and performance of a website depends on PSD to HTML conversion. This conversion offers a lot of benefits which are must for a website to survive in the hyper competitive market. This is the reason why it is utterly important to convert PSD to HTML.

Without converting PSD to HTML, it is not possible to make a web design functional. The PSD design is not web compatible. It needs to be converted in a suitable markup language to make it web compatible. Thus without PSD/Design to HTML, you can’t get an active website. HTML is the basic language used to design web pages. It is understood by all major browsers like IE8,7,6, Firefox, Safari. Opera etc. HTML is the most prominent language which can be read by different versions of internet browsers and operating systems. This is one-of-its-kind markup language which works on the philosophy of What You Say is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

PSD to HTML conversion empowers a website with important and useful features like cross browser compatibility, W3C validation, semantic coding, pixel perfect code etc. All of these are very important and play a significant role in the functioning of a website. Without cross browser compatibility a website would be nonexistent for the large number of visitors. Different people use different types of browsers in different parts of the world. If your site is not accessible via all the browsers, you will lose out on the majority of visitors. Therefore, a website should be cross browser compatible if it wants to be visible to a larger section of audience.

Another feature provided by this conversion is W3C validation. The World Wide Web consortium provides guidelines to the web designers to develop well structured websites. A website developed on the basis of these guidelines is perfectly well structured. It also ensures a pixel perfect markup for a website. That is, a website bears the consistent look across different browsers as well as platforms like mobile phones etc.

Semantic coding is another important benefit. It makes sure that the code is completely error free. It also ensures that the positioning of each and every component of a site like images, content etc. is accurate.

To put it in simple words, it is impossible to get a fully fledged website without converting PSD to CSS/HTML. Therefore, it is necessary to convert it. This conversion is quite complex and requires proper coding skills. Therefore, it is in your best interest to hire a professional PSD to XHTML/HTML conversion service provider for your web development project. It will ensure that you get the best results within stipulated time period.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

8 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PSD to HTML Service Provider

PSD to HTML is a very competent task and considered as an important part of web designing industry. The demand of PSD to HTML has been increased from last five to six years. But its demand is increasing due to the meteoric rise in the web designing industry. Here the question arises is: why designing industry hastens the growth of PSD to HTML? Well, it happens most of the times that designers create the image file with .PSD, .GIF and .JPG extensions with the help of software and Adobe Photoshop. But to convert them into a web page template you need to build the HTML code. Besides this, if you want to make the Joomla, WordPress and Drupal based websites, you also need to use the HTML code for this.

PSD to HTML conversion is done to enhance the visibility of the website. With the increase in the demand of PSD to HTML, the number of conversion service providers has also increased. But which service provider fulfills your requirement, which is trustworthy and many more questions arise when you are going to choose the best from them. Below are eight most important questions you must ask before hiring a service provider for yourself:

1) Are you a freelancer or a company? And if it is freelancer, then check whether it is part time or full time?
Some people prefer freelancers so that they can have direct communication with the person who is working on the project. And some prefer companies because they think that company they choose is reliable and quality assured as well. So, if you want your project on time then either go with a company or with full time freelancer. Moreover, you can get the part time freelancer at very fewer prices, but you have to negotiate on time.

2) How much experience do you have in this field?
Always hire relevant experience for your project. Ask the concerned service provider how much experience you have in providing the hand coded markup. Look for at least three years of an experience person for hand coded markups. But why not to use WYSIWYG software to write the code? Why everybody requires hand coded markups? Because the hand coded mark up offers you some nice technicalities which software can’t.

3) What is W3C?

Just to check the concerned person’s knowledge.

4) What is your standard turnaround time to deliver projects?
Generally, PSD to XHTML/HTML service providers commit that they deliver the projects on standard time. However, there is hardly anyone who stands up the mark. So, ensure before hiring about their working hours and time. It is most important in the case of freelancers.

5) Ask them for some sample coding?
If you want to check their coding style asks for some sample coding and verifies whether the code works with different browsers or not.

6) What is the communication medium you use?
Ask for communication medium that is available 24*7. The medium helps you when you want to make some changes in your project for the betterment.

7) Do you validate our markup on W3c?
Make sure the website they offer you is standard compliant. Before taking the project from them check whether your PSD to CSS/HTML code is validated against W3c standard or not.

8) Guarantee of work?

If you are hiring a PSD to HTML company which is new to you, then you should ask for some guarantee. This guarantee is used when you are not satisfied with the output.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PSD to HTML Coding: What is the Best Way?

Almost everyone who owns a website realises how important PSD to HTML coding is for the smooth functioning of a website. In fact, this PSD to HTML coding is indispensable. Without this coding a website can not be launched in a browser. Browsers do not understand the PSD format designs. These PSD designs need to be converted into suitable markup language like HTML so that they can be understood by browsers.

To get a well designed and smoothly running website which meets all your requirements, it is important to get the PSD to HTML coding done in the best way possible. Read further and you will find out what is the best way to convert PSD to CSS/HTML.

Generally there are two ways to convert a PSD based design to HTML coded format. One is to use the automated tools or software. Another method is to do the conversion manually. The automatic conversion does sound convenient and saves time. There are a number of software available to get this conversion done. You get the coded format within no time. You do not need to have any knowledge about the coding. Even a novice can do this successfully.

However, there is a catch. These software do not guarantee an error free code. Most of the times, the codes generated by software are erroneous and this ultimately affects your website's performance. It can cost you heavily and can make your business suffer a lot. You can not really afford to have these glitches occurring in your website.

The manual PSD to HTML conversion does take a lot of time but it guarantees a completely error free and well structured coding. It ensures that you get a well designed and visually attractive website which is as good as the original PSD design. Since each and every page is hand coded, there is no scope of any error. It also guarantees W3C validation and cross browser compatibility. It also makes a site more search engine friendly. Unlike software conversion, manual coding does not have any disadvantages. There are only benefits. It guarantees a readable, accurate and small sized markups.

Manual coding requires proper skills and acumen. It requires an extensive knowledge of coding. Manual coding can best be done by professional service providers who have highly experienced and qualified coders. If you are looking for a PSD to XHTML conversion for your website, it is in your best interest to hire a good and reliable service provider who guarantees manual coding and all related benefits. This will ensure that you get the website exactly as you had wanted. It will also ensure that each and every page of your website is completely error free.

In today's highly competitive environment, you can’t really afford to take any chances. Your entire business depends on it. Hence, it deserves the best of everything. It is always better to make the wise choice and go for a professional PSD to HTML service provider.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hire Professionals for PSD to WordPress Conversion

PSD to WordPress conversion is one of the most popular conversion. Ever since its introduction, it has improved a lot and today you can design a full fledged website with the help of WordPress. This is exactly what we provide. Our PSD to WordPress professionals are highly talented and possess profound experience in this technology. We make use of the latest technology and our state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures that our clients get perfect websites just as they had wished for.

An ordinary website with a lackluster performance can be transformed into an extraordinary website generating a big volume of traffic. There are numerous benefits provided by PSD to HTML/WordPress conversion such as cross-browser compatibility, semantic coding, hand coded markup, on time delivery, quality of service and support. To put it simply, a perfect PSD to WordPress conversion make web development much faster and easier, so there is no surprise that these services are used extensively and very popular worldwide. Also, these conversions make the website search engine optimization friendly and they allow designers and programmers to focus on specific tasks. Our experienced WordPress designers ensure that your website gets all these benefits.

A WordPress empowered website fares better on search engine rankings and draws a big volume of traffic. It is extremely easy and convenient to manage a WordPress based website. You can easily edit, update and modify the content of your website. It is full standard compliant and provides password protected posts. It also offers full Spam protection. Tools like integrated blacklist and open proxy checker eliminate comment Spam.

We have a team of dedicated and highly experienced WordPress designers who keep in mind all the specific requirements of our clients before starting working on the web design. This is very important and we take care of this. We make sure that all the particular requirements of a client are met with in the web design. Some other notable features of WordPress are: it is cost effective, provides better coding, better customer satisfaction more efficiency and flexibility in revenue-producing activities. We guarantee all these benefits for our clients.

While converting customized themes into website using techniques of latest web design standards it is highly important to ensure that the professional must have followed the industry standards. Our WordPress designers are best known for their high standard and qualitative work, and also to convert PSD to CSS/WordPress in a given time frame. Our team is well committed to standing up to the expectations of the customers. We develop websites which are quite compatible and up to the mark of the industry standards, and that's the reason why the websites created by us are still running perfectly in the business market. We use the latest technology to ensure that you get better than what you had expected. Out team excels in meeting the deadline. This is the reason why we have a huge number of satisfied customers.
We understand the importance of a well functioning website for the success of business. Out web designing team answers each and every query of our clients. This helps us to understand the requirements of clients in a detailed manner. We are second to none when it comes to timely delivery of projects. We provide cost effective and quality wordpress design.
If you are looking for a PSD to XHTML/WordPress conversion for your website, we can guarantee that you will praise yourself later for deciding to select our quality services.